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I'm Itzik Amiel - an award-winning professional and highly sought after keynote speaker and leading international power networker, business developer and branding . I am focused for more than 2 decades on helping companies and individuals to expand internationally, to be a better networker, to develop cross-border relationship to win new customers, increase sales and humanize your Brand.

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THE GLOBAL LEADING AUTHORITY ON PERSONAL BRANDING, BUSINESS NETWORKING & RELATIONS MARKETING Hello, I'm Itzik Amiel – I help companies and individuals to develop real relationship and maintain them for growing substantially their business, expand to new markets, excellent communication and for a successful life.  I am a highly sought professional speaker and Trainer on subjects like: "The Art of Attentional Networking", "Are you Paying Attention?", "New markets-New Clients: sea of opportunities"; "SME expanding internationally - secrets revealed", "Communication-for-excellence to boost your business".   I'm also an International tax and corporate attorney with over 2 decades of substantial international legal, M&A, tax and financial experience. High premium on providing preemptive international tax planning M&A and wealth management as well as international business development (corporate clients, family offices etc.). Many years of experience in assisting clients in their international expansion and in structuring their international financial transactions and providing related trust and corporate management and cross-border M&A services.    I am focused on results, commitment to excellence, creative thinker and act globally and internationally; effectively able to work and deal with diverse clients and realize a substantial growth and rapid expansion for clients.     I am the founder and CEO of EyeRon Group® []. Our group main focus is facilitate the international expansion and Growth and corporate services of companies, professional service providers, associations throughout the world -- design and implement comprehensive domestic and cross-border business development opportunities merging direct sales efforts, proactive referral relationship cultivation and other innovative engagements to secure new clients. We work with large, small and medium-sized firms as well as practice groups and individual clients. We always tailor our services to help achieve the unique goals of each client. We act as one “single window” for our clients and support fully their international expansion from legal, tax, accounting and HR perspectives. Our group act across the globe, independently and with many expertise to the benefits of our clients. Our global footprint ensures that we service our client across different time zones, different cultures and different needs.   I gained special knowledge and developed known large network and expertizes in international expansion and business development for emerging markets; BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China); CIS countries (incl Kazachstan), Turkey, Africa, LATAM, USA and Canada.   I have extensive experience gained in senior international business development roles in corporate management services, banking, law and international business relations. I successfully assisted clients develop new business ranging from Fortune 1000 to FTSE 1000 corporations to middle market privately held companies and start-ups -- to global professional associations, non-governmental organizations, national trade associations and many others.    I am also the founder of many successful international networks and communities globally (e.g. International Referral, Young IFA etc.) and helped many companies to realize international cross-border substantial growth and expansion.  Public Speaking | Training | Coaching | Thought Leadership As the Global leading authority on networking and relationship globally, I am passionate about unlocking the power and ‘the Art of Attentional Networking’. I live this through my international speaking engagements, writing, research, and consulting. I delivered over few hundreds keynote presentations, trainings and executive briefings in more than 48 countries. My message combines in interactive way knowledge with unique how-to's and unforgettable stories. I deliver and share new ideas in an engaging way that drive action and happiness. I currently give public and corporate keynote presentations, training, seminars and coaching across the globe, and conduct live and webinar training programs on Building international relationship, commercial, international business development, Innovative marketing, sales strategy, customer loyalty, business social media, and personal development.  As a bespoke speaker and trainer my role is to help individuals and organisations/firms communicate more successfully. My global training company dedicated to using authentic tools to help: Leaders persuade and influence others with confidence & purpose; Companies stand out from their rivals and attract clients and expand to new markets; Organisations engage and motivate their employees People will enhance their networking skills by using Attentional Networking™     Clients include:IFA, IBA, BKR, Nexia, International-Referral, Globalaw, MSI, TAG, TIAG, Intaxexpo, CIS Legal Forum, Europefides, International Law firms and Accounting firms [Allen & Overy, Baker McKenzie, Norton Rose, SKP etc.], Microsoft, Tata, HP, Zen, Gucci, CRM Association, Global Leadership Summit,  Chambers of commerce, Recruitment agencies, KPMG, PWC etc.     To get in the VIP list to get my new book  'The Attention Switch: How to use this secret ingredient to attract new clients, influence and deeply connect with new people' - The Leading Networking and Motivation Book please visit: In 'The Attention Switch' , I lay out the specific steps and fundemental Elements—and the specific frameworks—I use to reach out to deeply connect with colleagues, friends, and proepcts. People I have helped and who have helped me to reach amazing success.   I will be happy to hear from you and speak at your next event, train your company or coach key people in your organization. Please feel comfortable to contact me, so I will get the opportunity to help, reach me by email: [email protected] // ]]]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]]]> // ]]]]]]> // ]]]]>]]> or learn more about me and what other say at:   Or use the following link to schedule a call or a meeting:

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